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Founded to help you hear better

Better Hearing Limited, trading as Better Hearing Clinic, was founded in 2016. Bernard and his Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist have over 16 years of experience.

Better Hearing Limited founded in 2016, officially started trading on 1st October 2016. The original idea was to be of assistance to those who could not access clinics and Bernard began the journey looking for opportunties to help others.

The care sector is a guarded environment, and quite rightly so; however, it was difficult to find customers at first. Fortunately, Michael Greenberg at The Village Optician offered Bernard a room and a flow of customers he needed to flourish. Subsequently, Bernard found a room at Bromley Cross Opticians where, despite the very cramped conditions, he did very well.

The practice in Cockermouth was established after a trial at St Helens Dental Practice. Bernard moved into his first high street premises mid 2019.

Covid had a devistating impact and the Better Hearing Clinic was not imune. Moving most of the operations into stand alone premises helped the business stay open.

Bernard Paice - hearing audiologist

Bernard Paice

Bernard’s work ethic and high standards are routed in his early retail career. A stint working on cruise ships with Princess Cruises landed him in Bolton, England.

Bernard successfully complete the Practical and Theoretical examinations with the Hearing Aid Council in the UK in 2007 to qualify as a Hearing Aid Audiologist, thanks to the team at Scrivens Hearing (The Hearing Company) 

After moving to Boots Bernard supported and mentored students from the University of Manchester and Birmingham Aston University while they were on placement.

The passion for the job he does will be evident from the minute you meet him. His professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine empathetic approach will put you at ease and provide you with the confidence you would want to explore the possibilities to making improvements relating to your unique situation.

Elisabeth Holmes - hearing audiologist

Elisabeth Holmes

Elisabeth was a primary school teacher before training in hypnosis and psychotherapy. She now has her own successful hypnotherapy practice in Darwen, Lancashire.

Elisabeth workos in collaboration with the Better Hearing Clinic, Elisabeth provides Tinnitus Perception Therapy which is carefully developed on a bespoke basis in response to the needs of the client. Using a variety of strategies to alter the individual’s perception of their tinnitus, the adverse effects can become less pervasive and more manageable.

Enhancing Lives Through Personalized Hearing Care

Providing professional care and exceptional service, with a genuine and empathic approach, is what our Hearing Audiologist is all about. ‘We listen, we care…helping you to hear better’ is at the heart of what we do, aiming to achieve the best quality outcome possible. Furthermore, each customer is delivered a tailor-made service based on their individual preferences, communication requirements, and lifestyle. Our focus is on improving hearing health through personalized care and expert support, ensuring that each individual receives customized solutions designed to enhance their hearing experience.

Needing a hearing aid can be sensitive subject for some people, which requires a sensitive patient-centred approach. It’s so important that we listen to what people want and need before we even consider a recommendation to providing a solution. See our FAQs to learn more about our services.

We’re here to help
It’s about the achieving the best quality outcome possible. Each customer is delivered a tailor made service which is based on their individual preferences, communication needs and lifestyle.

It is possible that sometimes we don’t get it done first time and we have to re-evaluate and even change the solution.  You may need to be patient as we explore solutions together, it’s your long term hearing health we are looking after and we know a “one size fits all” approach does not work for everyone.

We care

No one likes to feel they are on a production line and are being sold to, no matter the cost, or what you want.

It’s a sensitive subject for some people, necessitating a comprehensive, patient-centered approach. Additionally, involving the family is crucial because communication does not take place in isolation. Moreover, solutions are not always cheap and require careful consideration. Rest assured, we will give you the time and space you need to make an informed choice without any pressure from us.

We listen

It’s so important that we listen to what people want and need before we even consider working towards recommendation to a solution. It’s not about the sale but rather about helping people to communicate better.

If it’s wax removal, custom ear product or hearing aids, understanding your concerns, previous experiences and your expectations is what we will do. It’s quite normal to have apprehensions and to be unsure. We will do our best to hear you and help you achieve your goal.

It’s not about the sale but rather about helping people to communicate better. That is why we called ourselves ‘Better Hearing Clinic’.

“Attended the Better Hearing Clinic yesterday after weeks of not being able to hear properly. Bernard put me at ease straight away and was able to rectify the problem there and then. He explained the procedure and ensured I was comfortable throughout. I highly recommend Better Hearing Clinic. I can hear again!”

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