It is well known that untreated hearing problems can have numerous health implications. Depression, stress, anxiety, cognitive decline, memory failure and social isolation to name a few.

But did you know that there is a link with falling. The risk of a fall is increased by 3 times. This is not limited to having a server age related hearing loss. It includes those with a mild hearing loss too.  Evidenced by research, as highlighted in an article on the Hearing Health website (

The mechanical system which detects movement is housed in the inner ear. This is called the vestibular system. The brain takes information it receives from the eyes and this organ of balance to keep us upright and steady. It makes sense that if ones hearing begins to deteriorate that the same mechanism that detects movement located in the ear may also loss its efficiency. Resulting in the increased potential to loose ones balance and fall.


Smart technology that uses Artificial Intelligence is able to help. Motion sensors built into a new hearing device called Livio Ai, made by Starkey Laboratories, are able to detect a fall. An automated message is then sent to 3 nominated people once activated to say the wearer of the hearing aids has fallen so they can then respond to the incident and possibly saving a life.

This technology does rely on a working smart phone, however can transform lives. It can help people be independent as they mature and give families some peace of mind.