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At the Better Hearing Clinic we striving to provide care our patients can trust. Our new practice in Horwich, Bolton is our forth practice and sets the standard.

Our clinic is conveniently located in all senses of the word, plentiful street parking, access to major bus routes, only 2.5 miles from Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park, 12 minutes from Bolton town centre, 16 minutes from Wigan and and 13 minutes from Chorley. Wheel chair accessible and all on the ground floor. 

We are now able to provide a truly professional service in our purpose designed clinic. Best of all we are able to give you that great traditional personal service we are known for. No hard sell, but rather a kind helpful patient centered approach, where we listen to you and your concerns, working with you to find the best solutions that matches what you would like to achieve.

Our Services

The Better Hearing Clinic offers a wide spectrum of audiology services.

These include Tinnitus Management, Ear protection and traditional services as below:

Hearing Tests

We will accurately measure the quietest sounds you can hear. Our hearing tests cost £58. As well as a full hearing test, we will also find out how well you hear in noise. We will provide you with an explanation to better understand your hearing level.

Hearing Aids

Going private means that you have a choice. Whether you want an invisible hearing aid or if you want it to be rechargable, there are a variety of options available. Be in control of the look, fit, and levels of technology. With a 30 day money back guarantee, you will have peace of mind.


Do you have problems with your existing hearing aids? Do you struggle to pick up speech when in noisy environments? Are you struggling with tinnitus? At BHC, we can devise a personalised programme for you to make improvements to the quality of your hearing experience.

Ear Wax Removal

Micro Suction is our preferred method, however we may use irrigation or manual extraction if that is the safest for you. An ear wax removal will cost £46 for one ear, or £66 for both. No long waiting times for an appointment, and if you need a home visit we can accomodate for an additional fee of £26.

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