What we can do for your hearing

We will provide you with honest and genuinely caring advice with expert hearing support services.

Everyone is different and our hearing is normal for us. How we feel about our hearing does not always replicate how those we love and communicate with see it. This can lead to disagreement and some concerns.

Understanding how you feel about your hearing is extremely important. We understand this and will help you and your loved ones understand more about the way you hear and how it affects your communication.

If looking at a black and white picture is normal for you, changing it to be very vibrant and colourful can become overwhelming or it could be most wonderful. Your journey starts with finding out for yourself how hearing differently can make a difference.

We will walk with you and won’t just disappear. We will support you in your rehabilitation into hearing better.

Hearing Health Check

Hearing Health Check is a great place to start when a concern is raised about ones hearing. This appointment gives us an opportunity to evaluate your hearing heath and agree a course of action that is right for you. Contact us today.

Full Hearing Evaluation

A Full Hearing Evaluation is a more detailed examination of your hearing and adds to the information we have for a Hearing Health Check. It is usually an hour appointment where we will get to understand the level at which you hear across a number of sounds as they relate to speech. Importantly we will examine how you feel about your hearing and try understand what the problems and your concerns are if any.

Hearing Aids

There is an extensive range of hearing aid designs, technologies and a number of manufactures. We are not limited, however we do have our preferences based on client experiences. Healthy competition exists, as in the mobile phone market, so technological innovation and performance features are constantly evolving. We avoid old technology. Depending on your preferences and needs we should be able to find a solution for you.

“Cannot give enough stars to explain how much better I feel after attending this clinic! Bernard made me feel relaxed throughout the whole procedure and made sure I wasn’t in any pain. He is very skilled at what he does and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone struggling with their ears and being unable to hear. Thank you once again!”

Better Hearing Clinic support services
Wax Removal

Micro Suction, Irrigation and Manual wax removal are available. Your safety and hearing health is our priority. A thorough assessment is undertaken and full explanation of the procedure before we do anything. You will be able to have a look down your own ear to see for yourself, before and after.

hearing support services
Tinnitus Management

Troublesome tinnitus can be aggravating, everyone will experience it differently. Our support program is devised to give you tools and techniques you can use to help you make improvements in the quality of your life. A complementary initial evaluation of your condition will help you to decide on what to do next. We will support you on your journey.

Better Hearing
Ear Protection

If you are looking for comfortable secure plugs for swimming or need to have protection when at work or socialise customised for you. From specialised broadcasting ear monitors to custom made earphones we can help. There are a number of choices available from our hearing support services. You will benefit from our extensive experience in safely taking ear impression moulds which we use to produce your bespoke ear protection.

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