Ear Wax Removal

Confident, Careful, Efficient and Safe.

We will not perform unnecessary treatment and will only go ahead if it is safe to do so.

We take all aspects of your hearing health extremely seriously. Ear wax removal requires extreme care. A comprehensive assessment including video inspection of the condition of your ear canal is a prerequisite. A recommendation and explanation follows before we proceed with your informed consent.

Our preferred method is Micro Suction, which is the NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) recommended method of removing wax from a patients ear. We also use an electrical irrigation pump, which applies a gentle pulsed stream of water into your ear. This has replaced syringing as an alternative method where no perforation or other reasons are present which prevent its use safely. Manual extraction is sometimes reverted to if safe to do so.

We will review and check your ear canal, with the help of the video camera and you will be able to see the results for yourself. You can prepare for the procedure by applying olive oil to the ear. Earol Olive Oil Spray is very effective for this. Do not try to remove the wax yourself. The smallest thing that you should put in your ear canal is your elbow.

 £ 48 of one and £ 68 for both ears.

(£ 28 for the appointment and £ 20 per ear. )

We have performed 1000’s of treatments and our reviews speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on being informative, thorough and careful. On occasions we may need to ask you to return or refer you to your GP if we find you have a condition revealed by the wax removal that requires attention.

We can not treat infected or painful ears.

Strict PPE Protocols apply

Symptoms of earwax

Impaired hearing (but not always)
Observable obstruction
Plugged or full sensation
Ringing or throbbing in the ear (See your GP)
Dizziness (See you GP)
Ear pain (See you GP)

Preparation for treatment

Application of Olive Oil prior to treatment can be helpful.
(Earol Olive oil spray recommended)
Do not try remove the wax yourself
Allow up to 45 minutes for treatment of both ear.
Confirmation by a health care professional that you have wax is helpful.
For your peace of mind, you will sign a form to confirm that you have given us all relevant information and that you have been given a full explanation of the procedure and the risks.

Message: I saw Bernard today and he did a micro-suction procedure to clear a build-up of earwax.   He explained thoroughly what would happen, was very pleasant and welcoming and totally put me at ease.  The procedure was simple and pain-free.  I’ll certainly recommend him to friends.  I’m back to my old(!) self.

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