Hearing Evalutions

A full hearing evaluation will give us a detailed understanding of your hearing, hearing health, hearing challenges and hearing needs.

The hearing evaluation adds to the information we have from a Hearing Health Check. The hour long appointment is very thorough and we will share the results with you, in language that you can understand, be it at home or in clinic.

Our approach is caring, friendly and empathetic. We will listen. You will have a chance to express how you feel about your hearing and communication challenges and let us know what it is that you need and want. Most importantly, we will have a chance to learn about you and your hearing. It is ideal if you are able to bring a family member or friend in support.

Having someone else present helps build a more detailed picture so that we can understand your hearing needs better. This can have a direct result of improved communication in terms of good communication advice, even if you took no further action. Having support can help you to make a well-informed decision. So you won’t have to repeat everything you have learned about your hearing when you get home.

The full hearing test is £ 60 which includes a comprehensive hearing assessment, speech in noise test and report and is included in the price of the hearing aids we supply.


It’s about you and why you are having a Full Hearing Evaluation. Understanding how you feel about your hearing is very important. No one can place themselves in your shoes and your hearing is probably normal for you.
(If you have had a sudden change in your hearing, you should seek urgent medical advice.)

Medical Record

Creating a medical record. We will record information about your ear health and health in general. This is where we get to look down your ear canal with a video camera and ask you questions about your ear health history and medications etc.


The actual hearing and speech in noise test. We will find out how you hear with each ear. We will get an understanding of just how efficient ears are in delivering sound vibrations to the nerve of your ear as well as how well you understand a foreign accent when it is noisy.

Evaluation of results

We will do our best to try help you understand your test results. Using our demonstration hearing aids to test your prescription we can help you hear what you have been missing. It is only now that we can make some recommendations based around your budget as to a solution you can test in your own environments.

The next step

If a hearing aid is what you need, then having time to decide what you should do is important. There are 3 choices. Do nothing, go see your GP, or test a hearing aid solution.

Ask about our Flex Trial Hearing aids or make use of the 30 day money back offer to try out a solution, if this is appropriate.

“I cannot praise the quality of service enough! Super fast, everything explained and I left feeling so much better and could hear! I cannot recommend enough. Bonus – even got to see my eardrums!
Thank you Bernard!”

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