Tinnitus Perception Therapy

A unique programme tailored to each individual, available exclusively from Better Hearing Clinic.

A client-centred, ethical approach

We ensure that we will always do our best for you. Above all, we believe we can help you to live well with tinnitus.

Tinnitus is defined as hearing a sound in your ear, ears or head, the source of which is unknown. This may be a ringing, buzzing, whooshing or humming; it may be continuous or it may come and go. Approximately 10% of people live with persistent tinnitus. For many it is a minor concern but for some it causes significant distress. 

Whilst there is still little known about the causes of tinnitus, it usually follows a mental or physical event which leads to a change in the brain’s perception of sound. It is not necessarily related to hearing loss – this is something that will be checked early on by the Better Hearing Clinic. Reassuringly, tinnitus is unlikely to indicate a serious underlying health problem.

Our approach

For those with tinnitus, the experience can lead to secondary problems with wellbeing such as depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Tinnitus can become the focus for unwanted negative thoughts and can become overwhelming.

Whilst there is no official ‘cure’ for tinnitus, it is possible for you to develop strategies to enable you to live life to the full. You don’t have to ‘just get used to it.’

Our unique approach combines specialist audiological intervention with a bespoke programme of psychological support. The Better Hearing Clinic can provide assistive devices, be it custom ear plugs, maskers or hearing aids whilst Elisabeth Holmes, a qualified hypnotherapist with additional training in psychotherapy, will help you redefine the conscious effect of your tinnitus.

This may include relaxation techniques, guided visualisations and the teaching of a number of strategies to improve your own personal experience of tinnitus. You may also be given free individualised audio recordings to help reinforce the therapy after each session.

Better Hearing Clinic will help facilitate the transition from distress to acceptance using Tinnitus Perception Therapy which selects elements from a wide range of options to best suit your own situation.

Hearing Assessment

All our Hearing Assessments start with a health check. A blocked ear with wax, or other reason may exaggerate tinnitus or bring it on when it was never there before. The hearing test is comprehensive and follows BSHAA (British Society Hearing Aid Audiology) guidelines. Some individuals with tinnitus will have hearing loss, but it does not mean that if you have tinnitus that you will have hearing loss. It will also potentially give us a chance to identify the frequency of the sound. Hearing aid use has been shown to have a positive effect on the level of tinnitus and we will provide you with the best advice possible to address your hearing, be it NHS or private provision.

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

This detailed questionnaire will be conducted with your therapist at the beginning and end of your treatment schedule to assess the severity of your tinnitus and to identify any particular difficulties that you may be experiencing. It initially provides a rich source of information for the therapist in order to prepare the most effective way forward. When the therapy is at an end, it provides clear evidence of the amount of progress made.

Sound Therapy
(Sound Enrichment)


Maskers are one of the available tools to reduce the severity of tinnitus. These instruments are designed to mask the sound of tinnitus by using white noise to envelop and distract from the tinnitus, thus moving it into the background. Maskers can be built into a hearing aid, in fact most hearing aids have a tinnitus masker built in as standard. It just needs to be activated by the audiologist. Stand alone maskers are available that are not hearing aids; some are wearable and others not. Used in conjunction with coping strategies, they can be very effective.

Sound generators & tinnitus apps

Sound generators and Tinnitus Apps are available that use alternate sounds like the sound of wind through the trees, or the sound of waves lapping the beach. There are numerous variations and the user may even have control of their rhythm, and loudness. These can be extremely effective in facilitating relaxation.

Custom ear plugs

These ear plugs fit snugly in the ear. Produced by taking an impression of your ears and moulded into perfectly fitting ear pieces. They can be fitted with sound filters so the noise around is reduced and still allowing you to hear people speaking around you softly.

What does it cost?

Each session cost is £68 and lasts approximately one hour. The number of sessions needed will depend on the severity of the symptoms and by agreement between client and the therapist. A commitment to a minimum of two sessions is required (£136).

We would expect Tinnitus Perception Therapy sessions to provide benefit in about 6 sessions, hence it should not cost you a fortune to see an improvement in your experience of tinnitus perception.

We do not ask for a single fee upfront like a lot of other clinics, because we know everyone’s needs are different.

“Attended the Better Hearing Clinic yesterday after weeks of not being able to hear properly. Bernard put me at ease straight away and was able to rectify the problem there and then. He explained the procedure and ensured I was comfortable throughout. I highly recommend Better Hearing Clinic. I can hear again!”

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