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At the Better Hearing Clinic we striving to provide care our patients can trust. We have consolidate our practices in Bolton, Tottington, Heywood and Prestwich and set up a new stand alone practice in Radcliffe.

Conveniently positioned off Stand Lane at  2-4 Beech Street, above a Beauticians, There is ample on street parking. We are easy to get to from the surrounding areas of Bolton, Whitefield, Prestwich and Bury , 3 mins drive from Junction 17 on the M60. 

We are now able to provide an even more professional service in our purpose designed clinic. Best of all we still able to give you that great personal service we are known for. No hard sell, but rather a kind helpful patient centered approach, where we listen to you and your concerns, working with you to find the best solutions that matches what you would like to achieve.

Our Services

At the Better Hearing Clinic we have a wide range  of audiology services.

Ear wax removal specialist, custom Hearing Aid dispensers, Tinnitus Management support

and custom Ear Protection suppliers.

We will accurately measure the quietest sounds you can hear.  Besides a full hearing test, we will also find out how well you hear in noise. We will provide you with an explanation to better understand your hearing needs. The price of our hearing test is £60. We do not believe that our paying customers should support free tests.

We have choice. Whether you want an invisible hearing aid or want it to be rechargeable, there are a variety of options available. You are in control of the look, fit, and levels of technology. With a 30 day money back offer, you will have peace of mind. Our hearing aids start from £ 695. 


Do you have problems with your existing hearing aids? Do you struggle to pick up speech when in noisy environments? Are you struggling with tinnitus? We can help, to make improvements to the quality of your hearing experience.

Ear wax removal using Micro Suction is our preferred method. We may use irrigation or instrumentation extraction as needed, if that is the safest for you. We do not perform unnecessary treatments. An ear wax removal will cost £48 for one ear, or £68 for both. 

Find us

We are located on Beech Street in Radcliffe, just off Stand Lane. close to Bury and Bolton. Located near the border of Whitefield the premises is  above a Beauticians with access to the left. The stair way is gentle with a double rail. There is ample parking usually located to the rear entrance of the BarOne Pub.

2 – 4 Beech Street


M26 1GH


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