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Better Hearing Clinic offers ear wax removal and hearing aids in south lakes. We aim to help you hear better.  Specialising in ear wax removal. diagnosing and treating hearing loss.


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Our Services

At the Better Hearing Clinic we have a wide range  of audiology services.

Ear wax removal specialist, custom Hearing Aid dispensers, Tinnitus Management support

and custom Ear Protection suppliers.

We will accurately measure the quietest sounds you can hear.  Besides a full hearing test, we will also find out how well you hear in noise. We will provide you with an explanation to better understand your hearing needs. The price of our hearing test is £60. We do not believe that our paying customers should support free tests.

We have choice. Whether you want an invisible hearing aid or want it to be rechargeable, there are a variety of options available. You are in control of the look, fit, and levels of technology. With a 30 day money back offer, you will have peace of mind. Our hearing aids start from £ 695. 


Do you have problems with your existing hearing aids? Do you struggle to pick up speech when in noisy environments? Are you struggling with tinnitus? We can help, to make improvements to the quality of your hearing experience.

Ear wax removal using Micro Suction is our preferred method. We may use irrigation or instrumentation extraction as needed, if that is the safest for you. We do not perform unnecessary treatments. An ear wax removal will cost £48 for one ear, or £68 for both. 

What happens at a hearing test?

Our clinician will sit with you and ask you questions about your hearing and your communication to get as much information from you as possible. We will physically check your ears before proceeding with any tests.

By taking a closer look at your ears using a video otoscope, we can get the best view of the inside of your ear canal and eliminate potential problems like an ear wax blockage..

The test itself

The purpose of the test is to find the softest sounds you can hear from bass to treble. This allows our hearing aid audiologist to see how it diverges from what is considered normal.

Once we have your results and it is below where it is expected, then the results form the basis of our prescription. We will discuss the results of the test with you and try our best to help you understand them.

In order to facilitate this process, we may fit a pair of our instruments for you to listen to what communication sounds like with your prescription set in them. It is now you will potentially have enough information about your hearing to determine if it may be beneficial to pursue.

You can decide to have a trial of some instruments first and we can arrange this. Our 30-day money-back offer is a great way for this to happen. If you decide not to go ahead and purchase a pair of hearing aids, all we ask you to do is help us by paying for your test.

Do I have to buy Hearing Aids?

The answer here is a definitive no, of course not. Trying hearing aids is up to you and how you feel about the problems you are having with your hearing. This applies to whether you have NHS hearing aids, other private hearing aids or have never tried hearing aids.

Above all, Better Hearing Clinic audiologists will never give you a hard sell on hearing aids. We prefer to offer the very latest in technology giving the wearer an opportunity to maximise benefit, and to establish this for themselves.

You may have to compromise on the level of technology to accommodate your budget, and you may have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different styles, like invisible versus rechargeable. Our clinician is there to help to get what you want for your hearing. Our Hearing Aids page can help you here.

By testing out the technology, by having a trial, you will be able to let us know if you need hearing aids, because at the end of the day it is you, your hearing, your quality of life, your family and your friends that will benefit from you hearing better.

Did you know?

According to the charity Action on Hearing Loss, 11 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss. Symptoms may be that you turn the TV up louder than others are comfortable with, or it’s trickier to follow conversations. Additionally, you have a tendency to ask people to repeat what they’re saying.

It is an invisible issue: however, we can diagnose (and often treat) it very easily. It could be something as simple as ear wax. Having your ear and hearing health checked is as simple as giving Better Hearing Clinic a call.

You’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with a very experienced and respected hearing care professional who will listen to you and then advise you as regards your hearing concerns.

Finding the Better Hearing Clinic in Ulverston

The clinic is located  in room 108, on the first floor of the popular Ulverston Business Centre, on New Market Street in the middle of town. The Better Hearing Clinic is within easy walking distance from the car park.

Contact us by pressing 108 on the control panel next the the door at the main entrance. We will buzz you in and come down and collect you form the comfortable reception area.

There is a stair case, with a sturdy banister up to the first floor which leads directly to the entrance to room 108. Unfortunately we can not accommodate those unable to get up the stairs. Alternate arrangements will need to be made. 

Our consultation room has a sound booth to facilitate more accurate hearing tests. A large computer screen facilitates us to show you the inside of your ear canal before and after any treatment. and helps with the explanation of your hearing test results.

Book your appointment and share your hearing experience with us and we will do our best to help you.

Find us at Better Hearing Clinic, Room 108, Ulverston Business Centre, 25 New Market St, Ulverston LA12 7LQ

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